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This just in...
the most important news about a band to copy the Daily Show...ever

6.12.00Lots have been happening. Not only have we completed (or are in the final stages of completing) two new original songs "For Your Pleasure" and "You Are the One." Also, we are playing a grad party July the 8th, and at ST. ANDREWS HALL September 30th! That's right, Dispersion is hitting Detroit at a famous concert venue. Come one and come all. We'll update you as more developes.

1.16.00Thanks to everyone who came to LiVE2K! It was far and away the greatest moment for us as a band to date. It couldn't have gone better. The pics page is updated as is the setlist and shows page. More of [Dispersion] is to come soon. Heck how can we not do more after LiVE2K.

12.06.99The show is back on, on January the 14th. As reported earlier, the bands perfroming are [Dispersion], Zero Hour, and The Foolish Heads. A good time will be had by all we expect, as we'll debut a new set with brand spankin' new songs for your listening (dis)pleasure. For more information about this fine show, consult that guy in front of Rite Aid, or if you don't have a car, go here, The Foolish Heads have been kind enough to put up a nifty little webpage for you, the reader. Remember, tickets are 5.00$ in advance, or 7.00$ at the door, so buy early because there will not be much tickets the night of the show and they will be cheaper anyways, and you need to take your girlfriend out on that fancy date, don't you? Hell, take her to the show. Come, enjoy yourself or feel the wrath.

11.15.99We regret to inform you that the Eisenhower show has been postponed indefinitely. We'll keep you posted. It'll probably be back around Christmas break but we don't know for sure.

11.14.99Attention all: after a breif sabbatical [Dispersion] is returning with a December 17th, 1999 Show at the Eisenhower Little Theater in Shelby Township, MI. We will be the first of three excellent bands (excluding ourselves in the excellent part) featuring Zero Hour and The Foolish Heads. The whole shindig is a fund rasier of sorts but it doesn't mean that you can not come. Tickets are 5.00$ if purchased in advance (see a band member) or 7.00$ if bought at the door. We are working on new material and new cover songs to play, so don't expect a similar show as to the Sikorski gig. If you have any questions email the band and we'll oblige.

8.21.99Thanks to all of you who attended/patronized us at Sara's party, it was loads of fun. For more information, please go to the [Shows Page]. It's all explained there. We had a lot of fun and hope to do it all again real soon.

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