[Dispersion] Mailing List  ( we need a title )
vol I

In this issue..we discuss the band's sexual fantasies..wait you need to
subscribe to finer men's magazines for that.  ok..here's the disclaimer, a
lot of you are recieving this even though you didn't sign up for it but
tough, you're our friends.  To cancel this, reply to this and bitch at us
and we'll cancel it right away.  Also, there WILL BE TYPOS but kiss my ass
it's late and I can't type anywho, any of you who have talked to me on IM
know this.  This is Sean by the way for this issue.  

I.   The recent gig

II.  future shows 'n stuff

III. contacting the band via internet

IV.  the website



Thanks to all who showed up to support Dispersion on their first gig ever,
at Sara Sikorski's summer bash.  It was fun for the whole band, and to
everyone who wasn't there, we know you were there in spirit so don't feel
bad.  Except for Alan Thicke who we can never forgive.  Ever.  Anywho, we
all were very happy and would like to extend our warmest thanks to Sara for
the sweet deal she gave us (we play, and get food!), it means a lot to us
and hopefully will lead to more shows.  We all saw Watson kick some guitar
ass, and Steve kick some drum ass and Sean well, that's me so shaddup.
It's all explained on the band's website,
http://members.home.net/dispersion/home.html so check it out.  Thanks for
cheering and we hope to do it all again real soon.



There are no future gigs as of now but hopefully there will be some soon.
Soon as, that is, we get more practice and what not.  We have a lot more
songs we'd like to play for the public, including some more originals, so
in time there will be more of us.  Also, who knows what the furute may
hold, perhapo another band member?  We don't know but those are the rumors.
 Hey, I just play in the band, i don't make the news so don't ask me, ask
your friends.  If you have any suggestions on how we can make our
performance better, or where we can play or how we can do more "stuff", let
us know.  Also, one last tidbit...I'd like to see a Pink Studios music
video if we ever record....very nice...



Ah yes, the easy, non-thinking part.  Talking to us.  Questions?  Comments?
 Concerns?  Threats?  Love confessions?  Have no worries, my phychotic
friend, we can all easily be reached by the marvel that is the world wide web.

Name:        IM Screename:          E-mail address:              Bitch:

Sean       "Silky Sean"          dispersion@home.com        Blair from TFOL

Jason      "GTRGrinda"           dwatson7@email.msn.com     Tracy Gold

Steve      "QBall4life"          Qball4life@aol.com         Ricky Martin

Yes, you heard me.


The website is NOW UP so stop IMing me to say "it just says 'not up yet'"
cause I knew that I just wanted to show everyone how the little images
changed when you put thew mouse over them because I was that happy.  Well
children, Sean can't help everything.  Go to:


It is done and a guestbook will be there soon.  Thanks.


Thanks for reading. In case you are wondering "TFOL" is The Facts of Life,
the funny 80's TV show that found people of all walks laughing at its
generous and timely humor.  More issues on it's way.  Also, look for the
new +Live+ album, I just have to plug it cause it will rule.  I will try to
threaten the others with death until we cover Live so don't worry..unless
you're Watson or Steve..then be afraid.  Wait don't, I'll get myself a
lawsuit.  At any rate, g'bye all, till next time,

the band

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