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The History of Mad Season
the past
Mad Season started off just as a show played in bars, etc. The original name, thought up by Layne Staley, was the "Gacy Bunch", after mass murderer John Wayne Gacy. As sucess hit the band, the name changed to Mad Season. The band members were always friends, and would occasionally jam together. Eventually, they would perform at bars and small shops. With little songs written, they wouldn't play for long. At one point, they made up a song on stage from a riff (Artificial Red) they had only previously played in the privacy of their homes. The band resemles more Pearl Jam than Screaming Trees or Alice in Chains. However, many people think that AIC resembles Mad Season. I think one of the closest albums to match "Above" would be Pearl Jam's latest, "No Code". The first show they played at together was the Crocidile Cafe in Seattle. Fans recognized them and immediately enjoyed the music. With such great talent, the band was signed by Columbia records. They changed their name from the Gacy Bunch to Mad Season. It took them ten days to record 11 songs, but only ten songs were released. Following the release of their album, they put two songs, River of Deceit and I Don't Know Anything on the radio. River of Deceit was later made into a music video. The band had an 8-day so-called "World Tour" where they played around at various places. At the Moore Theater in Seattle, they recorded a concert of them.