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The Classics From Your Home Library Macbeth

The movie that started it all. Many belive it is the best, but I think the crew thinks Freedom Road is better. I can't put much more up now, but as soon as I'm not lazy and get my ass over to Emerson's house, I'll put up pictures and sounds and what not. At any rate, this introduced us to the likes of Lord Waldorf, one of our most famous charecters. We were gonna kill him off, but brought him back. he shouldn't be in the next film we make though.

Freedom Road

"Votin'?!?" Gideon, Papsy, Holmes and Professor Komoto joined us with their friends in what is thought to be the more creative of the two movies. Again, it boasted a good fight scene, but had more plot developement and dialougue than the first. Maybe that's why it's not thought to be as funny as the first, or maybe it's because the first two scenes lasted about 15 minutes and weren't too good. At any rate, it showed the staying power of Pink Studios, and set up soe great future movies.

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