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Famous Pink Studios Quotes
Historic Quotes

Here, you will find the best of the best Pink Studios quotes. If any are missing, e-mail me and tell me to update the page, or you'll kick my ass.

"Votin'?!?" -Sean Smith as Papsy

"Professor Komoto...wash you doing here?" -Pat Walters as Gideon Jackson

"Take it! Take it all fools! Mwahahaha!" -Jim Tomasik as Holmes

"As you can see...I've lost a little blood" -Pat as Lord Waldorf

"Pip pip, tally hoe, and we'll see you at the conclusion. Cheers." -Waldorf

"Nigel Shakespeare" -Lord Waldorf

"That's a fine looking stede you've got there" -Papsy

"Leave the dog alone you fool" -Holmes

"Who have we here Maxamillion? Whohahaha!" -Holmes

"I think I hear Bessie dun calling my name...I'll see you in three weeks" -Gideon Jackson

"Grow...grow!" -Holmes

"It's Macbeth in what seems to be an '89 Grand Voyager" -Sean Smith as Macduff

"This looks like the gun they used in the KKK" -Paul Rotunda as himself

" the ambulance. 911. You know the number" -Paul and Robinson

"Gideon...they're passing out free towels in the washroom!" -Papsy

"York, come here" -Castle Guard Sean Smith

"It is a....Pink Komoto productions now!" -Jim as Professor Komoto

"My mother once knew a lady who was a constitute" -Gideon

"Eric...Foner! -Waldorf

"You've got to jiggle it" -Waldorf

"Tis a flesh wound" -Steve's charecter...we don't know his name

"Oh, hello friends. Once ina great while, television has it's moments..." -Paul Rotunda

"You'll get some poppycock in jail" -Bullock (Jim), almost subliminally

"One four niner five ought..Stadler road. Let's take a looksee inside" -Bullock (Pat)

"It is...IT IS -Bullock

"My part didn't require...that many parts" -Paul Rotunda

"My dragon sense is tingling. Gideon's in trouble" -Prof. Komoto