FAQs of Mad Season
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Q. Where did the band get it's name?
A. The name comes from the term used in England when psychadelic mushrooms (shrooms) are in full bloom.

Q. Who does the artwork on the album "Above"?
A. Layne Staley does the artwork.

Q. Did the band tour?
A. Yes. They had an 8-day "World Tour". They taped one show, at the Moore Theater in Seattle. (see the bands discography)

Q. Did the band have any singles off of the album "Above"?
A. Yes, they had an import single for the song "River of Deceit".

Q. How long did it take the band to record "Above"?
A. It took them 10 days.

Q. Do the lyrics represent the band's life?
A. Yes. Barrit Martin says that the lyrics are almost autobiographical. The lyrics in "Long Gone Day" represent a very fun day in Layne's life.

Q. Why does the band thank Mike McCready in the album's credits?
A. They thank Mike because he put the band together.
For any questions on song meanings, go to the Interpretations section.

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