...and Some Help from My Friends Count: 11
mon amigos

Here is a place where I post the webpages that my friends have created. I strongly urge you to visit them, because they are well made. Without further ado, the links.

Adam Cole The Realm of Adam J. Cole

This is a well made page about my friend and debate pardner, Adam Cole (yes, I spelled pardner). He runs ACole2000 productions. I suggest you check it out.

Jason Watson J-rock's Bootleg page

My friend Jason (a.k.a. Kermit a.k.a. Major W.) used to run a huge Stone Temple Pilots webpage, until the singer got into a lot of drug problems. Go figure. Anyways, he now runs a (illegal) bootleg trading page for concerts. Check it out, and happy trading!

Brandon Decoster Rym, Dragon of Lost Ways

Brandon, a.k.a. Rym, has a quaint page with a lot of links. As the sign reads, it's under construction...still! Note- download the Final Fantasy V ROM he has there.

Zendon Robinson Cytorack's Home Page

Zendon (yes, that's his real name) is a cool cousin. He likes a variety of things. On his webpage, there's just banners and links and stuff, but nonetheless, it's pretty neat.

Hieu Nguyen My Area

Hieu's page is made by ACole2000, Adam's little wonder. It has a chat room for all of your talkitive needs. Hieu's on Quiz Bowl, so send him useless questions through the e-mail.

Adam Smith The Mario Kart 64 Page

This is my brother, Adam's, Mario Kart 64 page. If you want to learn more about this page, check it out. If not, e-mail him with useless trivia, because he also belongs to the machine that is HFII Quiz Bowl.

Jay Kujawski Jay's Wrestling, And South Park Page

This is my friend, Jay Kujawski's tribute to both South Park and professional wrestling. It's pretty good, considering it's content is about actors and cartoons...No really, I just don't like wrestling, but Jay's page is good.

Kim Cardwell Star Poetry

I like Kim, she's nice girl. She writes some pretty deep poetry, so if you like poetry, this is the place. You won't be disappointed, she's good at it. Her boyfriend Jason made it for her (see above).

Azem Z..somethingerother Welcome to my homepage

Azem is one of the funniest guys I know, and lives far away from me in Washington D.C. There are pictures and what not there..some maybe of me...The Blair Witch is coming!

Adam Spindler Adam's Homepage

Adam helped inspire me and my band and has been really cool ever since I've met him, and he's got a kickin' taste in music (only if he likes my band that is) and a nice site, so check it out..and his band's website, The Foolish Hads.

Allen Borza GraphicX

Allen has been my best friend for as long as I can remember and he now has a homepage so check it out. He has a cool job at Oakland U too ladies so be sure not to miss it.

If you would like your page posted, please e-mail me at dispersion@home.com, and I'll post it. Please note that the owners of the pages have their respective copy rights under United States law. This page (c) 1999 Silky.