The River of Deceit's User's Manual
save yourself

Go to the heading you need help on, and read about it. For further assistance, e-mail me.

The news section just gives you the latest updates on the band, and anything going on in their lives.

The FAQs (frequently asked questions) section gives you the stumping questions with the answers as well.

The history tells you how the band got started, etc. All the boring stuff (ha, ha).

The Poll
The poll is a simple form you can fill out and I get the results. I'll update the standings every month or so.

Sound Clips
The sound clips are just music from the band. The Real Audio may not be working yet, though.

Album Reviews
The album reviews are just reviews I've collected from the net. All music is a generic rating system.

The tabs are not finished yet. Just hold on, and I'll complete them. You can learn to play Mad Season songs with these.

Guest Book
The Guestbook, like the poll, is not offered anywhere else. Feel free to sign it, however, no profanity or pictures are allowed. If you do not leave a name, you will be called an anynonamous guest.

The links will send you to other sites. Just click on the pictures.

The discography has all the info on "Above", and lists bootlegs and videos and promos.

The URL-Minder is a free service where you can subscribe to get e-mail everytime the page is updated.

The comments section is under the poll section, where you can send me thoughts and/or questions. Be sure to leave your e-mail address if you want a response.

The Band
Tells you who is in the band and who does what.

Random Quote
Just gives you some poetry of Mad Season. Requires JavaScript.

Some of my scans. Tell me before borrowing anything!

Awards won for ther page. Mad Season did win one award, an internet Mole Award.

What's New?
Tells you all updates, and when they occured. Very helpful.

Scrolling Message
Also tells you updates. If you do not have JavaScript, it'll look like a bunch of crap. :)