John Baker Saunders: 1954-1999
Baker: 1954-1999

As many of you know, Mad Season bassist John Baker Saunders passed away in January of 1999 due to a heroin overdose. This is my small tribute to him, with a list of links so that anyone can share in his memory. I'm sorry for the lack of graphics; I'll make some soon! For now, check out some links:

The John Baker Saunders Foundation

Here, you may donate money to the John Baker Saunders Foundation, which gives money to children so that they may go to arts camp. It's a really great cause, ran by a nice guy.

Mike McCready Remembers

Here's a great article written by Mad Season's guitarist, Mike McCready. It's a nice tribute from a fellow band member that I recommend to anyone

MTV Online Story

MTV actually mentioned Mad Season, which is good, but not for the reason that they did. Here is a breif story about Baker. Click here for a screenshot of MTV Online's Mad Season story.