Mad Season Links
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Here are some links of interest for you:

Mad Season Back home to the biggest and best Mad Season site around.
The official Sony site that has all the history and two sound clips.

A new Mad Season page, that's worth checking out.

Artificial Red
A new Mad Season page, which is good because the next one is closed. It's a good page with some cool pics.

A Mad Season fan page.
This is a framed site that has some cool pics for Mad Season (there was no banner for the link).

This is the OLGA site with some tabs.

A mini page
This is a Mad Season mini page from A Hole in the Web.

The iMusic bulletin board.

-->A Great Baker Tribute, the Baker Foundation"<--

Alice in Chains pIO.
The Alice in Chains Nutshell has anything and everything on Alice in Chains. It is the biggest one, and best. It also has a Mad Season page withen it. Dog's Breath
This is the official AIC site, from Sony, but not the best. Born Again - An Alice in Chains Experience
Pearl Jam
This is the offcial page for Pearl Jam, made by the one and only Sony. Surprisingly good for a corporate one.
Screaming Trees Screaming Trees
This is a small site with updates on the band. From Sony/Epic. Sweet Oblivion This is your best source for the Screaming Trees.
Hater Hater Brian Wood's current band with Soundgarden's bassist Ben Shepard.
Lamont Cranston Lamont Cranston Baker's old band's official page.
Tuatara Tuatara The only source you'll need for Mike and Barrett's third band.
Critters Buggin' Nalgas Sin Carne's band's official page.
Sony Columbia Records This is the branch of Sony music that produced Mad Season. Alice in Chains are also under Columbia. Sony Website This is the site with everything. Any band under a Sony label is here (I think so, but I haven't tried them all).
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Unrelated Links Poker Solitaire
This is my on-line game I made. Feel free to use it. It's fun! The Wicked Garden One of the net's biggest and best Stone Temple Pilots pages. . My Cousin Zendon's page. It's brand new. Keep checking up, because it will keep being updated. Linx of Destruction A VERY cool links page by a VERY cool guy. Everything goth, etc. Worth checking out. The Anti-Music God My friend, Nate's page. A cool Marilyn Manson page that is growing.