all about myself, in case you cared all about me

welcome movie/ no sound / 2.4 mb

section I: the basics

name: Sean Robinson Smith
age: 17
sex: male
birthday: 1 20 82
reside: Michigan, US
education: Henry Ford II High School
hair: brown..anything anyone else says is a lie
eyes: brown as well
height: 6'2"-6'3"
weight: 160 lbs
nicknames: Silky, Croissant, various others
marital status: single

section II: interests, etc.

hobbies: film, my band, friends, debate
band: [Dispersion], we play "rok" music but all kinds of it
film: Pink Studios, we make funny movies,
check out our website:
debate: been my team captain for three
years, won lots of awards, not as dorky as it sounds
sports: hockey, tennis and any other sport with
drugs: nope
favorite music: Live, Alice in Chains, Megadeth,
REM, Pearl Jam, etc.
instruments: bass, vocals, guitar, egg

comet section III: cirkus mikgurkus (random)

e-mail address:
ICQ UIN: 19031693
favorite color: blue
favorite movie ever: The Rock
fav. song ever: Pillar of Davidson (by Live)
saying: "You had no business!"
saying, pt. II: "That's why they call it the cage!"
aol IM name: Silky Sean
favorite food: A&W Root Beer and Coney Island Hani
favorite book: Animal Farm, George Orwell
where I want to live: Australia
most respected quality in a person: creativity, honesty, sense of humor