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1-16-99The news seems to be true. John Baker Saunders, Mad Season's bassist, has died. There is not much information on this tragic event, but MTV Online reported that he may have died of a drug overdose. I soon plan to have a tribute page made. For a screenshot of MTV's story, go here. MTV did, however, confirm that the name change did occur, and songs were recordedfor a new album. This is good news, amidst the bad news. perhaps we will get to hear John Baker Saunders and Mike McCready once more. Saunders played with such bands as the Walkabouts and Lamont Cranston as well as Mad Season. The Walkabouts released the album "Nighttime" under the Virgin label in 1997. For more information, go to MTV's Story, or Addicted to Noise. Addicted to Noise will contact me, as I will help with a story they are doing.

12-02-98I realize that the news has not been updated for a while, but you'll like this one, I promise. First, Layne Staley is on two new tracks to be released on the soundtrack to The Faculty, a movie about aliens taking over Earth. Yes, it's true. He's in the band "Class of '99", andother supergroup composed of Layne on vocals, Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello on guitar, Stephen perkins from jane's addiction and Porno for Pyros on drums, and Martyn Le Noble from Porno for Pyros on bass. They will cover the two classic Pink Floyd songs "Another Brick in the Wall Part I" and "Another Brick in the Wall Part II". It marks the first time Pink Floyd has agreed to let cover versions of their songs be released on a movie soundtrack. There will be choral work by Edward Tate and the First A.M.E. Voices of Gospel Youth Choir, probably on the classic children's recital in the second verse of part II. The soundtrack will be released on December 22nd, and the movie will be out on December 25th. Oh yeah, for a soundclip, go here:

Another Brick in the Wall Part II

Oh yeah, my source: the Jerry Cantrell fanclub, by Columbia Records.

You want some more good news about Layne you say? Look no further. From Rolling Stone online, and a Mad Season fan Bill J. Renault, Alice in Chains went to the studio in September, and recorded two new songs, with Layne Staley. This may be for a boxed set. There's a lot more info, but this news entry has already gone too long, so I urge uyou to read the full article. For the whole article,

click here. For an artcile on the Class of '99, click here.

Told you you'd like it...

9-23-98Supposedly, there is to be an Alice in Chains box set. This rumor has been floating around for a while, but has come to surface yet again. If any more info comes, I'll post it.

Also, and this is just a rumor,

Layne has supposedly aggreed to perfrom with Jerry Cantrell on his current U.S. tour. Again, I'll keep ya posted.

New Album! Disinformation!

3-3-98Layne is currently out of the group.

Mark Lanegan is said to have taken over singing responsabilities. The new name for the band or album is "Disinformation", and should be out in the fall. We are all looking forward to it, I'm sure.

9-11-97Layne Staley is doing real well in rehab. Reports from such sources as Hit Parader Magazine say that he may be ready to start recording for Alice in Chains, so he then may record for Mad Season, if Brian Wood doesn't first. Good news for all Mad Season fans... Also, (and this is just a rumor) sources say that a new bassist Layne met in rehab has joined the band. I'll keep you posted.

??-??-97Major Update:

rumors indicate that Mike McCready has found a new singer. Since Layne Staley and Mark Lanegan are out, he has found someone new. Brian Wood, brother of Andrew Wood, is rumored to be the new singer. He has appeared in the bands Hater and Devilhead before. The River of Deceit is your source for Mad Season and will keep you posted.

??-??-97There hasn't been much news lately. The band's second album, which was to be called something along the lines of "Winter" or "Fallen" has been postponed. The music is recorded, sources say, but Mike is looking for a singer.

??-??-97Old Stuff:

Because of problems concerning singer Layne Staley, the new Mad Season album could be postponed. Mike McCready says that the band has been done with the music part of the album for quite some time, but they haven't got Layne to do the vocals yet. Similar problems have occured with Alice in Chains, who, because of Staley, have called off the new album and may release a box set instead. Guitarist Jerry Cantrell may do a solo album.
There is a possible new Mad Season album. Drummer Barrett Martin said it himself in the interview "Sworn and Broken". His words:"We're working on a new Mad Season album right now. It's going to be a double album. We started working on stuff and recording about six months ago." He goes on to say that this time it's not just extended jams, but newly written songs. There will be some acoustic tracks on the album. Rumor has it that Layne Staley will sing on one disc, and Mark Lanegan will head vocals on the other.

Sworn and Broken appeared in Reverberation magizine.

There is a new Mad Season album out in Japan!

I was at CD Banzai online, and you can order it. It is one disc and for 36$. The album title was just called TBA. I'll keep you updated for further information.***

Note: The River of Deceit is not responsable for any false (Dis)information given to the site. All sources, if applicable, are listed. If there are any errors, like the 'quote' from Hit Parader (boy did I hear about that one--thanks to Jules), PLEASE don't hesitate to scream at me. Just remember, I'm only human, and to err human.
***As it turns out, it was a copy of "Above and Winter Songs", which is 'Above', plus the Screaming Trees album 'Winter Songs'. CD Banzai incorrectly labeled it, and I'm sorry.
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