Mad Season Soundclips
Here are some Mad Season sound clips for you to download:

From The River of Deceit: X-Ray Mind,.zip

I'm Above,.zip

All Alone,.zip

The above three soundclips are temporarily down. They will be back shortly.

I Don't Want to be a Solider, (WAV)

Real Audio from The ROD: Wake Up X-Ray Mind River of Deceit I'm Above Artificial Red Lifeless dead I Don't Know Anything Long Gone Day November Hotel All Alone I Don't Want to be a Soldier If you don't have Real Audio, get it. It's the best invention since Mad Season.
MIDI Files River of Deceit I Don't Know Anything
Hater Clips Listen to the new Mad Season singer (probably). Tot Finder Roadside
From Music Boulevard: River of Deceit, (MPEG 122k)

I'm Above, (MPEG 119k)

I Don't Know Anything, (MPEG 119k)

From Sony: River of Deceit, .wav I Don't Know Anything, .wav
*- If it doesn't download, you probably don't have the proper plug in.