The Mad Season Tour: Past Dates
no, they're not on tour now
As of now, Mad Season is not touring. They did go on an 8 day so-called "World Tour" in where they played in Seattle among other cities. When the new album comes out, there still might not be a tour. Mike McCready and Barrett Martin are touring with Tuatara, an all instrumental side band with one release. Baker is currently just playing along with various blues bands, and would tour. Brian Wood, we don't know about.

The River of Deceit will keep you posted.

Here are some of Mad Season's old tour dates:
10/12/94 Seattle WA                 
11/06/94 Seattle WA                                    
11/20/94 Seattle WA               
12/31/94 Seattle WA                                    
04/22/95 Seattle WA                                  
04/29/95 Seattle WA