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Mad Season Poll Standings

SongVotesLast TimeThis Time
Wake Up18611
Long Gone Day14142
I'm Above12633
River of Deceit11924
I Don't Know Anything10555
I Don't Want to Be a Soldier8896
Artificial Red6787
X-Ray Mind4268
Lifeless Dead3179
November Hotel191010
All Alone91111
It looks like Wake Up is running away with it. Don't count River of Deceit and I'm Above out yet, though. If you don't know what to vote for, check out the sound clips section.
Do Mad Season fans like Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, or Screaming Trees?
96%= YES
4%=  NO

How did the fans find the page?
84%=  Search engine
8%=  friend
6%=  The Nutshell
3%=  Other

The Favorite Band Members
64%= Layne Staley
21%= Mike McCready
11%= Barrett Martin
4%= John Baker Saunders