What's New at The River of Deceit
the latest changes
7/8/99: added the brand new Message Board! And a new interpretation of "Wake Up".

6/23/99: added a Wake Up interpretation. Send yours!

5/16/99: Finally put up the Baker tribute page. Check it out, and some of the links.

3/8/99: I added a phenomonal interpretation of River of Deceit in the interpretations section.

2/15/99: I added Mike McCready's Baker article, as well as updated more links. Also, I added an interpretation of Wake Up, and made some small updated throughout the site.

1/20/99: reported the news that Mad Season bassist John Baker Saunders has died. R.I.P.

12/2/98: added the 'I Don't Know Anything' album in the Discography section, and added some really good News.

10/4/98: added the I'm Above mp3 to the Sound Clips and .mp3 section.

10/2/98: changed the Poll section to use the Pollit format, so it is much easier and quicker for you to use.

9/29/98: the revamping process is almost done; only three more sections left.

9/28/98: revamped a bunch of sections, as well as making some minor updates throughout the site.

9/27/98: completely revamped the main page, as well as revamping some other ones, including this one.

9/23/98: revamped (I love that word) the News section, as well as added some news. I also revamped the Lyrics section. Withen the next month or so, I plan to have the whole site redecorated.

9/22/98: revamped the Sound Clips and .mp3 section, as well as adding the I Don't Want to be a Soldier .mp3.

8/14/98: added the Mad Season Mailing List.

7/7/98: added the Interpretations section. Also made some minor updates throughout the site.

6/28/98: added the I Don't Know Anything MIDI file.

6/27/98: added 'Artificial Red' to the Links page.

5/30/98: This doesn't directly pertain to Mad Season, or The ROD for that matter, but I finally got Pearl Jam tickets! Yes, after all these years, I am seeing Pearl Jam live in concert. If you want any tour info, go here. Also, I updated the Poll Section, finally.

5/29/98: Now, you may link to this site from http://come.to/madseason, for easier access. It takes you to the main page.

5/16/98: updated the Disinformation Homepage.

3/9/98: after just one year, this is the biggest and most visited Mad Season site on the net. Thanks to everyone who visited, and keep on coming! Thanks!

3/8/98: finished the brand new, Disinformation Homepage.

3/7/98: added the Disinformation page, and updated the Tour section. I also made small updates throughout the page.

3/3/98: updated the News section.

9/11/97: updated the News section.

8/25/97: updated the poll.

8/8/97: added the River of Deceit MIDI file in the Sound Clips section.

7/15/97: updated the Links section. Also added Layne's Poem and fixed the Search section.

7/12/97: updated the Links section. Also updated the Help section.

7/11/97: added the Pictures section and the Tour section.

7/10/97: added the The Band section.

7/7/97: added more lyrics, and added the text document.

6/29/97: updated the poll. Also made it so you can choose 3 favorite songs.

6/14/97: added four new sound clips, two of them Real Audio. Also added the I'm Above intro. I also put in the random Mad Season quote button.

6/8/97: added the Articles section.

5/19/97: added new sound clips. Three of them! Also updated the news section.

5/9/97: updated the poll.

4/23/97: added the JavaScript onMouseOver commands and the new title.

4/14/97: added the Awards section and have listed the numerous awards I have won for this page.

4/12/97: updated the poll.

4/11/97: added the I Don't Want to be a Soldier soundclip. Also put in the scrolling bar for update info.

3/28/97: added the new background on the Tripod page.

3/24/97: added the all new, Mad Season chat and a handy search engine for you.

3/9/97: first official online day at the Tripod spot.